• Thermal power

    Hangzhou Taihe Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TAIHEEM) provide the EPC of coal fired (oil, gas) generating unit project(up to 600MW), biomass fired generating unit project(up to 25MW), combined cycle (up to 400MW) or simple cycle (up to 280MW) gas turbine generating unit project, heat recovery power stations project in metallurgy plant, building material plant, paper mill, petro-chemical plant, and engineering survey, design, construction, technical consultation, equipment election design, installation ,commissioning, and technical training etc.

  • biomass power project

    Direct combustion power generation
    Direct combustion power generation burns biomass raw material in boiler directly, and produce steam to drive steam turbines and generators to generate electricity. The key technology for biomass direct combustion power generation include biomass raw material pretreatment, boiler corrosion prevention, boiler raw material applicability and fuel efficiency, steam turbine efficiency and other technologies.

  • Wind power project

    Unit Capacity: Small size: 1KW,5KW,10KW,30KW,50KW,100KW。
    Large and medium size: 500KW,750KW,800KW,1500KW,2500KW,3000KW.

  • Hydropower Project

    Hangzhou Taihe Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TAIHEEM) provides hydro power plants equipment in various types, including Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, Tubular etc., on EPC basis, supplying not only provides hydraulic turbine generator units, but also auxiliary equipment (governor, excitation and valve) and electrical devices (step up transformer, SCADA, unit transformer, switchgear, etc.). Meanwhile, full services such as engineering design, construction, technical consultation, supervision, installation and commissioning, technical training as well as after-sales service, etc will also be provided according to the Clients’ specific requirements.

    So far, our team has concludes over 100 contracts for hydro power plants, cooperating with many reputable Clients overseas, extending our business to multiple international markets such as Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc. With a professional and dedicated team, we are aiming to de